Nilkamal Amazzze 5" Foam Mattress

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Nilkamal Amazzze

  • Combination of Bonded foam, EPE and PU Foam
  • Thickness 5 inches. Single Side Quilt
  • High density bonded foam. High density EPE is used
  • Available in Golden colour fabric only
  • Foam Mattress For Ultimate Comfort

Foam Mattress For Ultimate Comfort

A comfy mattress is like a bed of roses that can instantly put you off to sleep. If having a sound sleep seems like a distant dream, then you have come to the right place. Many people struggle by tossing and turning on the bed, which might be due to the wrong mattress selection. Our range of foam mattresses has been reinvented multiple times to ensure that we get the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. After all, we strongly believe that “the mind that sleeps right, thinks right.” This theory made us passionate about creating peaceful sleep solutions at a pocket-friendly price. A foam mattress moulds itself according to the shape and position of the body and provides sufficient cushioning to your back and spine.

Explore our range of foam mattresses online, including double bed foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, king size memory foam mattresses, queen memory foam mattresses, foam medium-soft mattresses, foam medium-firm mattresses, and travel mattresses and reversible foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress price range on Nilkamal varies between Rs 2,800 to Rs 15,000 depending on the size, make and material. With our online platform, you can save your precious time, money and effort that would otherwise be spent visiting stores and travelling across the city. We have numerous variants of foam mattresses that are expertly crafted to ensure a long life.

Benefits Of Foam Mattress

Quality sleep is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity. Imagine crawling into a mattress that conforms to your curves and hug your body. This can eliminate joint aches and no more back pain as well. If this is missing in your life, then your mattress is the real culprit. Foam mattresses, latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses all are soft and resilient mattresses. It doesn’t matter whichever option you choose. They have similar characteristics and similar advantages. Some people may have personal preferences, but most people simply consider the degree of firmness and the price. Now let’s take a look at what all properties make foam mattresses so popular.

  • Body-hugging comfort: Foam is a highly resilient and sensitive material that instantly reacts to your body weight. As you lie down on a foam mattress, it moulds to your body curves. This body-conforming feature sets it apart from other mattress materials and makes it an ideal choice for ultimate comfort.
  • Absorbs impact: Another important advantage that most people are less aware of is that foam mattress absorbs impact from the body movements. This makes it ideal for somebody who turns and tosses at night and for those who share their bed with a fidgety partner. If one partner flops or rolls over, the other doesn’t feel a thing.
  • Less back pain: The foam promotes a neutral spinal alignment that lets you sleep in a supportive and comfortable position. Long term usage of foam mattresses helps in reducing the problems with chronic back pain and neck pain.
  • Allergy resistant: We usually spend substantial time sleeping; thus, a mattress is the best sleep companion. Sometimes mattress gets infected by bed bugs and dust mites that can cause a lot of allergies, skin infections and other kinds of health ailments. It is important to keep the mattress secure and allergies at bay. Polyurethane foam repels mildew, moulds and is resistant to pet dander and dust mites.
  • Good pressure relief: Mattresses designed with firmness can lead to painful pressure points along the hips, knees, back and shoulders. As the memory foam uniformly disperses body weight, this problem is eliminated.
  • Sag-free no sink-age: The latest variants of memory foam mattresses are made from high-grade adaptive materials that have the right blend of “not too firm and not too soft.” You can be assured that there will be no sagging for the life of the mattress; this is all due to its open-cell design. Moreover, you can flip over your mattress for more durability. This allows one side of the mattress to rest, and it can go back to its original shape while you sleep on the other side.

There are different types of foam mattresses available online based on their make, size and material. We also have travel mattresses that are ideal for last-minute overnight guests or camping. They are lightweight and cost-effective as compared to regular mattresses.

This 4 inch foam mattress comes in all sizes such as Single 75x36, Double 75x48, Queen 75x60, King 75x72. Other standard dimensions and custom sizes are also available.

Warranty 12 Months


Mattress Material Foam
Mattress Feel Medium firm
Fabric Golden colour fabric
Reversible Yes
Colours Available Yellow


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