Nilkamal McKenzie Ortho 6" Coir Medium Firm Mattress

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Nilkamal McKenzie Ortho

  • Specially engineered, the optimized lightweight Mattrezzz is suitable for liftable storage beds.
  • The 6" Coir mattrezzz comes with anti-sagging technology for durability.
  • Reversible Mattrezzz

PU Foam Quilt

A combination of soft fabric and supportive foam provides maximum cushioning.

Pure PU Foam

Supportive and relaxing, foam supports your spine and muscles as you sleep.

High-Density Coir

Natural fibre fillings promote breathability, support, and durability.

Get The Best Sleep Comfort With A Coir Mattress

A coir mattress can give your body the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. In today’s fast-paced life, nobody has enough time to ponder over the importance of mattresses, although it is significant. A good night’s sleep keeps everyone refreshed and ready to take up the day’s new challenges. Also, the lack of sleep directly impacts the concentration level and the productivity of the individual. Many people struggle by tossing and turning on the bed, which might be due to the wrong mattress selection.

Several studies and research have suggested the importance of mattresses in ensuring the quality of sleep in individuals at large. As the name suggests, a coir mattress is made up of natural coir obtained from coconuts. Since the primary material is the coir, it is considered an environment-friendly option. The multiple layers of coir make this mattress hygroscopic and breathable. The sufficient air circulation inside the layers makes it an ideal choice for hot summers, especially for people who sweat a lot. It is comparatively firmer and provides much-needed support to your body.

Explore our range of coir mattresses online that include coir mattress king size, coir mattress queen size, coir foam mattress, coir medium soft mattress, coir medium-firm mattress, reversible coir mattress, and coir memory foam mattress. The coir mattress price range on Nilkamal varies between Rs 5,000 to Rs 16,000 depending on the size, make and material. You can get incredibly affordable mattresses suitable for both king size bed and queen size bed options. With our online platform, you can save your precious time, money and effort that would otherwise be spent visiting stores and travelling across the city. We have numerous variants of coir mattresses that are expertly crafted to ensure a long life.

Advantages Of Coir Mattress

Good sleep is when you wake up refreshed. A mattress that gives your body the required comfort is where good sleep begins. Here are some benefits of buying a coir mattress for your bedroom.

Hygroscopic nature: Coir mattress has a good moisture absorption capacity. During sleep, sometimes the body releases moisture, especially in summers that can hamper sleep. Coir procured from the natural coconut husk is hygroscopic and can absorb moisture from the body during sleep.

Sufficient ventilation: Coir mattresses are well ventilated and offer a maximum flow of air. This keeps the mattress cool and offers great comfort to the sleeper.

Eco-friendly option: Considering the global warming scenario, these days, environment-friendly options are highly promoted. Coir mattress is eco-friendly as it is made up of natural fibre, coconut husk. It is chemical-free and good for health and wellbeing.

Allergy resistant: We usually spend a substantial amount of time sleeping. Thus, a mattress is the best sleep companion. Sometimes mattress gets infected by bed bugs and dust mites that can cause a lot of allergies, skin infections and other kinds of health ailments. It is important to keep the mattress secure and allergies at bay. Coir mattress has a good dust-resistance capacity that keeps the dust mites away.

Added support: Coir offers a great amount of firmness and strength to the mattress. It also has a natural bounce and springiness that gives added support to your entire body. This is quite beneficial for the people who suffer from back pain or those on the verge of acquiring it.

Cost-effective: Pricey things offer the best comfort is not always true. Despite offering numerous benefits, coir mattresses are cost-effective. This makes it the most preferred choice among the people. As compared to latex and foam mattresses, they are far more affordable. So you don’t have to spend a bomb on acquiring a coir mattress for your home.

Durable: Coir mattress is usually crafted with a mix of latex solution and the form that improves its longevity and durability. However, it tends to sag when exposed to water so avoid getting the mattress wet.

Explore The Collection Of Coir Mattresses at Nilkamal

There are different types of coir mattresses available online based on their make, size and material. Based on the material used, the two common coir mattresses are rubberized coir mattresses and the hybrid coir mattress. A rubberized coir mattress is filled with coconut coir and rubber or latex fibre. This combination makes the mattress quite softer than it would be otherwise. Hybrid coir mattress has coconut fibre as a primary component and foam as the secondary material. This foam can be either memory foam or polyurethane. 

Nilkamal Snehamxl Coir Mattress

This thick quilted mattress provides complete comfort while sleeping. The firm base is designed to provide support to the back, and it also enhances durability. This is a medium soft mattress.

Nilkamal Cool Bond Coir Mattress

This five-inch thick mattress is designed with a cotton-rich tapestry that gives utmost comfort. It is a reversible mattress with dual firmness. It is queen-sized, and the side walls are created to provide easy passage of air through the bed’s interior, so that body heat is absorbed. It is a long-lasting mattress and a value for money product.

Nilkamal Mckenzie Ortho Coir Mattress

This is a reversible coir mattress that is specially engineered to be light in weight. It is suitable for lift-able storage beds. It is 6 inches wide and comes with anti-sagging technology that ensures durability.

Nilkamal Spinefit Coir Mattress

This is a coir orthopaedic mattress that is designed to have an initial soft touch. The top layer is made up of viscoelastic foam, also popularly known as memory foam (a material developed by NASA, USA). The viscoelastic memory foam provides complete support to the back and spinal arch, as it helps distribute the body weight equally, ensuring no pressure points.

Nilkamal Prime Box Top Coir Base Mattress

This is a box top coir mattress that is designed with bonded foam for your comfortable sleep. It has medium firmness.

This 6 inch coir mattress comes in all sizes such as Single 75x36, Double 75x48, Queen 75x60, King 75x72. Other standard dimensions and custom sizes are also available.

Warranty 60 Months


Mattress Material Coir
Mattress Feel Medium Firm
Fabric Soft fabric and supportive foam
Technology Anti-sagging technology
Colours Available White


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