Peps Pocketed Grand Palais Spring Mattress Double Size 75x48x8(Brown)

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There are all kinds of mattresses and then there’s the Grand Palais. The grandest of all. This is a luxury spring mattress from Restonic which makes you feel like royalty when you wake up. Its extra thickness attributed to the tufted memory foam on top, faux top design, ultra-lush knitted fabric and anti-bacterial, sanitised fabric makes it a dream to sleep on. Its responsive and independent pocketed spring technology automatically adjusts to your contours while you sleep and causes zero disturbance. Its available in thicknesses of 8” and 10”.


The Grand Palais is a premium mattress that combines with hybrid elements and luxurious elements to give a genuinely unparalleled construction and experience. This high-end mattress not only dazzles and shines with its uber-luxurious designer looks but offers so much more inside. Its tufted memory foam on top, faux top design, ultra-lush knitted fabric add to its generously designed thickness, truly a luxurious cushioning experience that takes away your mental and physical stress by giving you high-quality REM sleep.

WARRANTY; Up to 10 Years


Mattress Material Visco Elastic (Memory) Foam
Mattress Feel Mediam Firm
Fabric PE Knitted fabric with Viscous fibre (Ryon)
Technology Pocketed Spring
Reversible No
Colours Available Brown


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