Peps Pocketed Zenimo Inner Spring Mattress FT Queen 75x60x8 (Denim Color)

₹44,250 ₹49,167

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If you want a mattress that’s rugged, tough and stylish, look no further. Choose Zenimo. This is a one-of-a-kind mattress made out of the world’s strongest fabric, namely denim. Its stunning shades and chic stitching patterns further add to its luxury quotient. Its innovative features like a durable latex foam, responsive pocketed spring technology and denim casing to prevent wear and tear with long lasting high grade steel springs make Zenimo a must-buy and must-have for the dreamers who want to get a goodnight’s sleep and chase their dream.


Peps always develops mattresses from the finest fabrics. This time, Peps chose denim to create Zenimo, India’s first rugged and tough mattress. An in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer, thoughtful sleep insights and patterns led to incorporating aesthetics as well into the mattress. Its classy stitching, and fabulous hues make it a luxury to sleep on and add panache to the bedroom. Its extraordinary features which include latex foam, denim casing and high grade steel springs make Zenimo a great option for those who want a uniqe combination of toughness and style in their mattress.

WAARANTY; Up to 10 Years


Mattress Material Pincore Latex Foam
Mattress Feel Firm
Fabric Denim Fabric
Technology Pocketed Spring
Reversible No
Colours Available Denim Blue


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