Perfect Rest Comfort Magic Foam Mattress Double (75x48x4) Blue

₹5,117 ₹5,882

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About Comfort Magic Foam Mattress

Change the way you sleep with a superior quality mattress for a perfect rest and perfect comfort, night after night. Made from top-quality pure grade foam, this foam mattress is your shortcut to the best comfort and healthy support your body needs.

Featuring our Zero Sag Technology, Perfect Rest Comfort Magic’s durable core makes sure you get the most superior comfort and support without any signs of sagging even after years of use. This high performance, all-rounder mattress comes with our Comfort Plus Fabric that is finely quilted to give you cushioned comfort for the perfect sleep.

Meet Comfort Magic Foam

Comfort Magic Foam Mattress by Perfect Rest comes with Zero Sag Technology for the perfect sleep at the perfect price. The long-lasting mattress is designed to deliver the best cushioned support for a good night’s sleep

Hi-Tech Back Support

Experience unbeatable comfort with the best built-in back and spine support.

Zero Sag Technology

Uses high density coir that remains sag –free even after active use.

Long Life Guarantee

A 100% durable mattress made to give you the best sleep for years to come.

Comfort Plus Fabric

Soft cushioned support

 Easy Maintenance

Low maintenance, high value


    • Hi-Tech Back Support
    • Long-Lasting
    • Zero Sag Technology
    • Comfort Plus Fabric


    Mattress Material PU Foam
    Mattress Feel Extra Firm
    Fabric Jacquard Woven Fabric
    Reversible Yes


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