Perfect Rest Spring Magic Mattress King(75x72x6)

₹16,147 ₹18,559

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About Spring Magic Mattress

Bring home 5 star luxury of a Hi-Tech spring mattress at an unbelievable price with Perfect Rest’s Spring Magic Mattress.

It delivers the most luxurious 5-Star comfort and best back support with its advanced bonnell spring layer and Zero Sag Technology. The high-grade bonnell springs come with a Cool Air Flow System that allows maximum air ventilation through the mattress, keeping the mattress fresh and hygienic and standing true to its Pure Sleep Promise.

It is the most preferred mattress for those looking to upgrade to a spring mattress that is easy to maintain, lasts long and gives the most premium feel.

Meet Comfort Magic Spring

Comfort Magic Spring Mattress by Perfect Rest is a Hi-Tech spring mattress designed for luxurious 5- Star Comfort. Made to last, it features a durable bonnell spring core that lends the mattress extra comfort, bouncy feel and durable support.


Hi-Tech Back Support

Experience unbeatable comfort with the best built-in back and spine support.

Zero Sag Technology

Uses high density coir that remains sag –free even after active use.

Long Life Guarantee

A 100% durable mattress made to give you the best sleep for years to come.

Comfort Plus Fabric

Soft cushioned support

Easy Maintenance

Low maintenance, high value

Pure Sleep Promise

Mattress stays cool, fresh & germ-free

Cool Air Flow System

Promotes natural air ventilation

 Anti Pilling Fabric

Long lasting damage resistant

 Five Star Comfort

Luxurious sleeping experience


Mattress Material Soft PU Foam
Mattress Feel Extra Firm
Fabric Anti Pilling Fabric
Reversible No


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