Poppy Grand Master Dual Top Mattress (Single)

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Turn your bedtime into Luxury Vacations! Getting good rest and a night of even better sleep at the end of a hard working day is crucial for every human being. Your body needs to rest and re-energize by resting on a comfortable surface. So you will always need a reliable mattress that is going to offer excellent comfort to you, and we can think of anything but Grand Master. It is one of the most premium mattresses designed to date. Different best-in-class materials have been brought together that offers unrivalled comfort, deep pressure relief and support.

The Grand Master mattress is a special blend of stunning comfort and exquisite luxury. The overall look and feel of the mattress is impressive at first sight. Support your back, head, neck, shoulders and even the legs, without compromising on the comfort levels while lying down on this brilliant mattress.

Dual Construction Type and Natural Latex Foam offers superior durability and tenacity to the Grand Master mattress. Limited motion transfer is another key advantage of using it. Mattresses that are too firm can lead to a painful experience while sleeping. When using the Grand Master mattress, it never fails to provide a combination of bounce and firmness.


Jump up your joy on this mattress and feel high with the jump design quilt and the special knitted viscose fabric. Built as a dual type by stacking the layers of spring and foam, it gives you a strong support and super softness, which is enhanced by the natural latex foam that is OKEO TEX certified.

Added to it, the cool gel memory foam, saves the uncomfortable night sweats, keeps your body comfy and also learns your body’s sleep behaviour. Experience the total luxury even with one wink of sleep. Because Sleeping in the Grand Master is truly an extravaganza !


OKEO TEX certified


jump design quilt and the special knitted viscose fabric


  • Dimensions L x W x H 75 x 36 x 10
  • Viscose Knitted fabric and special jump design quilt with memory foam
  • OEKO TEX Certified latex form
  • Super soft foam
  • FR Grade poly felt
  • Pocketed spring
  • Support form


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