Poppy Grand Series Exuber Tight Top Mattress (King) 75x72x6

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Exuber - Return to the Luxury of True Comfort

Exuber Mattress is perfectly designed to keep all kinds of movement isolated. That means, if your partner moves, you won't zig. You can maintain the best seeping position always. It holds just enough bounce that you will need for all  the cute pillow fights and jumping on the bed.

The Exuber Mattress is made of different layers of premium material. Each of them offers different functionality and support to you. The top layer is made of Melange Knitted Fabric, beneath the top layer is the quilt with SuperSoft Foam Technology and then comes the PU SS layer. All the layers are sensitive to your body weight and mold themselves properly to provide support while lying down.

If you are in search of a mattress that can deliver you the highest level of comfort when you sleep or watch a movie overnight,  then Exuber Mattress is the best option for you.

For your exuberant and modest lifestyle!

Get that beauty sleep with the (Springs) specially engineered for arresting the body motion which also gives you a no disturbance sleep.

And here is a twist- play heads or tails with it and you win either way.

Because it’s reversible so you won’t get bored and it never gets old, all in one flip. It’s also the space for you to sit, relax & work because Exuber TT is for more than just a sleep!

How about Price ?

Your body gets a perfect composure for sleep and it’s extremely budget friendly.


The double-sided melange knitted fabric doubles your comfort.


  • Dimensions L x W x H 75 x 72 x 6
  • Melange Knitted fabric quilt with Super soft foam
  • FR Grade poly felt
  • Pocketed spring
  • Support form


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