Poppy Premium Series Luxe Euro Top Mattress (Single) 75x36x6

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  • Dimensions L x W x H 75 x 36 x 6
  • Fine GSM Knitted fabric quilt with PU Super soft foam
  • PU Super soft foam
  • FR Grade poly felt
  • Bonnell spring
  • Support form
  • Bonded form

The Luxe Mattress comes with cutting-edge design and a high level of comfort to our users. It is one the very popular mattresses under the brand Poppy.

Fine High GSM knitted fabric has been used to cover the top layer of the mattress. High GSM fabric gives a fantastic feel to the mattress, offering more of the traditional style. It can last long and is resistant to wear and tear over time. If you can maintain the fabric properly, it will surely last for many years to come in the near future.

Super Soft Foam layer is one of the unique feature of the Luxe mattress. It makes the mattress more bouncy and allows your back to rest whenever you are lying or sitting over it. This layer helps in proper weight distribution of your body and prevents any pressure point.

The interconnected springs, very typical of Bonnell spring types, make the springs resilient and add firmness to the base support.

Broaden your leisure with a good rebound tendered by these springs.

In combination with super soft foam, there’s no-sagging and hence it is durable.

Good air circulation is made viable by the internally spacious springs.

Best to Buy?

The best of Bonnell is bettered with a layer of bonded foam keeps the mattress in shape, leaves a lasting balance.


Snuggle up tight on the elegant-looking, finely quilted, knitted fabric covered premium mattress.


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