Poppy Rubberized Coir Series Access Mattress (Single) 75x36x 4

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  • Brand: Poppy Mattress
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  • Price: ₹4,986

Tags: Poppy rubberized coir series access mattress twill weaving fabric quilt with high density pu foam high density rain forced coir sale online coimbatore


Access mattress is quilted with HD PU foam and is the main layer of the product. Insulation is a very important factor to consider when buying a mattress.

That is why we used HD PU foam, which is a great material that facilitates insulation all the time. The High Density Foam delivers high performance at a low thickness level and comes with a high strength to weight ratio.

The foam is also resistant to moisture. So you don't need to worry about any moisture damage.


Another reason why we believe that you will love our Desire mattress is because of the high-density coir. It gives very good support to the body and distributes your weight perfectly.


The twill weaving process gives a premium feel to the upper layer of the mattress. Along with the superb tight top stitching, our mattress is much more resistant to wrinkling and wear & tear.


  • Dimension; L x W x H 75x36x4
  • Twill weaving fabric quilt with high density  PU foam 
  • High Density foam 
  • High Density Rain forced coir


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