Supreme Dream Plastic Monoblock Chair Without Arm

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Supreme Furniture span across a spectrum of models, colours and designs to meet various needs. Among these are Supreme Monobloc Armless chairs, specially designed for comfortable upright seating, making them ideal for dining, workstations and even as study chairs.

Oak is a heavy duty, armless chair for upper-end dining. This is ideal for home and cafeterias. Dream is one of the finest and largest selling model which is popular because of its unlimited applications. It is high on demand in the cafeteria and catering segment.

Working from home culture has increased a lot today, which requires long hours of sitting at home. Supreme offers a very comfortable and professional series of 'Work From Home' furniture. Ideal to combat the stress and fatigue that may be caused due to improper sitting arrangement that is usually available at home.

Combination of easy to fold compact tables like Olive and Swiss and a stylish range of comfortable chairs like Ornate, Texas Deluxe and Omega. Now working from home is no longer going to be a pain but a pleasurable experience.

Dream is available in Marble Beige, Teakwood and Globus Brown colours.


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