Peps Pocketed Organica Spring Mattress King (75x72x8)

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Like its name, Organica is an eco-friendly, chemical free mattress exclusively designed to ensure a restful sleep for people suffering from allergies. It’s anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, chemical free and hypoallergenic. This unique attribute ensures the well-being of the respiratory system. Furthermore, it ergonomically supports the contours of your body by providing the right cushioning while you sleep and dream. Its luxurious machine tufted cotton weathers all climate changes and retains its form throughout the year. It also has a superior sub-surface which circulates air and reduces moisture from night sweats. Its pocketed spring technology is advanced enough to take on every turn and roll you make while sleeping.


Organica has been developed and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of quality. The aim was to create a technologically advanced mattress that’s eco-friendly, chemical-free and above all, ensure a restful sleep for dreamers prone to allergies. Which is why, Peps invented Organica – the first ever mattress made from chemical-free bio-cotton and eco-latex from Belgium. This superior mattress is safe to sleep on since it contains allergen-resistant materials to naturally keep away microorganisms including pollen, dust mites, bed bugs and dust mites. Thus, its natural hypoallergenic composition makes Organica the perfect and healthy choice for people suffering from allergies and respiratory disorders like asthma. Furthermore, its Marvellous Middle also distributes body pressure evenly, keeps it firm and assures adequate support to the back. It also makes it easy to get in, get up and roll around. These unique attributes have made Organica the most sought after mattress in India. In fact, it has been recognised and endorsed by the world’s largest Chiropractic Association. So, why let allergies interrupt your sleep? Choose Organica and dream on!

WAARANTY; Up to 10 Years


Mattress Material Pincore Natural rubber latex foam
Mattress Feel Firm
Fabric Bio - Cotton Fabric - Hypo allergenic
Technology Pocketed Spring
Reversible No


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