Poppy Grand Series Classique Single Side Pillow Top Mattress (King) 75x72x8

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  • Brand: Poppy Mattress
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  • Price: ₹43,646

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Your sleep is just made an epic!

Are you a roller in sleep and disturb your bed partner? Our (springs) got you covered. It absorbs your body motion and silences any disturbances, so roll on and sleep your way in Classique. Your sleep posture is recognised and is remembered with the memory foam which partners with the pocketed spring and gives you an absolute luxury to lay on.

Sleep patner

Get sassy even while asleep with our Classique mattress.


The mélange knitted fabric blends your body & mind to sleep with complete relaxation so no more hypnic jerks! 

Sleep tips

Tune your body clock with a consistent bedtime to fall asleep in a ziffy


  • Dimensions L x W x H 75 x 72 x 8
  • Melange Knitted fabric quilt with memory foam
  • 3"PU Super soft foam
  • FR Grade poly felt
  • Pocketed spring
  • Support form


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