Poppy Latex Series Natur Art HR foam with natural Mattress (King) 75x72x6

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Tags: poppy latex series natur art hr foam with natural mattress, Pin core natural latex, hr foam with natural, no joints single block, Washable zipper cover


For a pristine sleep that echoes with the nature!

A good sleep is the best antidote and for those who are environmentally mindful, our latex series is your best bet. It allows a good air circulation and keeps the mattress at the right temperature for a comfortable nap. A washable zipper cover is provided for convenient usage and easy-clean.

It comes with an array of combinations,

- Pure Natural - 

It is entirely made use of high quality, pure and all-natural latex.

- HR Foam With Natural Latex - 

A layer of High Resilience foam in its purest form is linked to the latex layer, which enhances longevity and life.

- Rubberized Coir With Natural Latex - 

The Rubberized coir made out of coconut husks improves the natural springiness of the latex and it offers a firm base.

" Choose yours and say cheers to the nature ! "

Latex OKEO-TEX certified

The latex material procured is absolutely organic and OKEO-TEX certified. Designed as a Pin Core with an ideal density, without any joints like other mattress.

How about Motion Distrubance ?

It comes as a single block that ensures proper pressure distribution and no-stiffness which is perfect for your spine.


  • Dimension; L x W x H 75x72x6
  • Pin  core natural latex
  • Washable zipper cover
  • No joints single block
  • up to 10 years warranty
  •  HR foam with natural Latex


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